We are creating websites based on Wordpress or custom designs based on Nette framework.
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We provide space for your websites and make tem availabe and accesible to all your visitors.
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Server housing
We provide space on our infrastructure for your servers.
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Cloud backup
We provide services for backuping your data into secure place. We handle installation at your site a...
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Application development
We make applications in these areas: Web development - Web applications includes programming PH...
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Day Counter Widget
Day Counter Widget
We have created a simple Android Widget for you that is free. It calculates the differences between the current date and the entered date. You can view the result in days, weeks, months...
Emoticons quickly and everywhere😃👍
It is easy how to make your titles awesome. Just put in them emoticons. How to do it?🤔 If you write text on Microsoft Windows you can put in your text different emoji by keyboard shortcu...
Vishing is a new important word which is good to know. It’s not important to know the word but it is important to know what is behind this word. The word vishing was made by combination ...