Synology Snapshot Replication

Network Attached Storages (NAS) from Synology have function Snapshot Replication. This service allows you synchronize your data in set-up time interval across several NASes. This function is suitable if you need to have local copy of your data at several locations no meter if it is because of the quick access to files or it is way of backup at several locations.

Detailed information for this service is in help but I would like to share my solution when the synchronization didn’t work.

We synchronize several areas in five tasks which are started during night. It was interesting that some of the tasks were completed but some of them were finished with error. In the of the Snapshot Replicaiton service was unclear statement „shared folder replication error: ShareReplica 1054„. When I went ino detailed log in file synodr_replica.log I found out more specific statement „connection failed“. It suggested some problem with connection between these two NASes. I started with the basic rule and restarted both of the NASed. Unfortunately it didn’t help so I started to restart all network components between these two NASes. I made continuous checks so I found out that the problem was done by the router at the remote NAS.

To complete all the information I have to add that if you need only remote backup for your data in remote location (to prevent data loss in case of fire or other damage of your NAS) the Synology NAS has service for backup to Amoazon Glacier. This service allows cost effective backup of your data into cloud.

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